Diplomat Safes

Quality Safes for Home and Office

Diplomat safes are a high end secure electronic combination safe. Home & Office digital safes are fire rated and have a model to suit your needs. Fire rated filing cabinets and key cabinets complete the extensive range

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Where to Buy Diplomat Safes

Diplomat Safes are available in our online shop, at API Access & Security Branches, at these safe resellers & dealers, or by calling 1300 119 309.

To find out more or to talk to one of our staff about the right firesafe for your requirements visit our contact page.

Service and Maintenance

For Safe Servicing and Maintenance contact our licensed and trained Locksmiths.

*Please note that Diplomat Safes are currently only available for purchase to Australia and only enquiries from Australian residents will be responded to.


ISO 9001 Certified

P Certified

KS Certified

GOST Certified

UL Certified