Security Integration

Security Integration

Is your facility juggling multiple security systems? There are many benefits to be gained when multiple security systems are integrated. These include a better response to threats, improved documentation for auditing purposes, and maximised operating efficiencies for your business.

An alarm system protects your home or business when you’re not there. Alarm systems can deter potential intruders from your property and alert you if your alarm is tampered with. 

Whether it’s a basic alarm system for insurance requirements or a fully integrated alarm system with your existing security devices, our qualified security specialists can tailor an alarm system that fits your premises and your budget.

Add an extra level of protection with a 24/7 alarm monitoring service to ensure your business is protected even when you are not there.

API Access & Security offers a 24/7 alarm monitoring and response service 365 days a year, Australia wide, to ensure your business has an extra level of protection even when you are not there.

Set up your alarm systems, CCTV or sonic barriers where potential intruders can see them. This technology can deter potential intruders from your property before they decide to enter.

From standalone deterrents to fully integrated smart systems our security specialists can design an intrusion solution that is suitable for your property and budget.   

Not only does CCTV enhance your security and provide you with footage and evidence in case of workplace incidents, theft or compliance, it keeps a watchful eye on your home or business when you can’t. API Access & Security offers CCTV packages that are simple to operate and view footage. Our team of experts can customise a package to your needs and budget and advise the best the solution for your requirements.

Thermographic Camera Kit

Thermographic cameras provide entry-exit health quarantine for facilities with a high volume of foot traffic. Thermal body temperature cameras are simple to install, operate and detect people with elevated body temperatures before they enter your premises.

Integrated Solar Monitoring System 

Cable free solar CCTV cameras are ideal for construction sites or businesses that need to close at short notice and are left unattended. The solar powered camera is weatherproof, quick and simple to install and allows real-time remote monitoring on iOS and Android app giving you peace of mind your property is secure.

UNV Camera Kit 1

This camera kit incorporates the latest camera technology including weatherproof, night vision, built in mic, face detection and intrusion detection.

Included in this camera kit –

  • x4 3MP IP cameras in turret white
  • x1 four channel network video recorder black
  • x1 hard drive
  • Cables and connectors

UNV Camera Kit 2

This camera kit incorporates the latest camera technology including wireless set up, footage storage, embedded WiFi, anti-reflection window, weather proof, night vision, built in mic and motion detection.

Included in this camera kit –

  • x4 WiFi bulllet cameras
  • 2MP, X1 four channel network video recorder
  • x2 2Tb hard drive
  • Cables and connectors

Body Cameras are a known deterrent for aggressive behaviour; however, they are not always practical for the average person to wear or manage. The new Visiotech VC-1 Pro Badge Camera is an ultralightweight Body Worn Camera specifically designed for retail, health and those working in public facing roles. Its discreet name badge design provides the perfect solution for interacting with the public and providing safety measures for retail staff.

The unique and practical design of the VC-1 Pro Badge Camera combined with Visiotech’s Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) allows organisations to effortlessly manage hundreds of cameras across any number of stores/locations.

Ideal for health & aged care workers, local government, rangers,
emergency services, retailers, field service providers, real-estate
managers/agents, inspectors, and lone workers.

SimonsVoss aims to make your life and working environment safer, more convenient and cost-effective. There’s no need to worry about the challenge of integrating access control systems with your existing IT infrastructure, as SimonsVoss provides an all-inclusive digital system that is simple to install and expand with your company.