SimonsVoss System 3060

SimonsVoss System 3060

The digital all-inclusive locking solution

A locking system for every security need. Locking System 3060 integrates all lockable elements into an all-inclusive digital solution: from doors, gates and lifts through to turnstiles, barriers and drawers. There’s nothing that System 3060 cannot do.

However complex controlled opening and locking may be, it must be simple, flexible and convenient in its operation. System 3060 installs network intelligent locking and control components in a custom-designed overall system without any cabling. Access, logging, monitoring and control functions can be programmed individually and are easy to change at any time.

How SimonsVoss Digital Locking Works

SimonsVoss System 3060 Components

SmartHandle AX
SmartHandle 3062
Smart Relay
Digital Locking Cylinder
Identification Media